Alicia Hall Moran and musicians performing ColdBlooded, Photography by Jill Steinberg
Photography by Jill Steinberg


Alicia Hall Moran and her indoor ice-skating show featuring THE HANDS FREE, a quartet of exceptional performers (James Moore, Caroline Shaw, Nathan Koci, and Eleonore Oppenheim), plus the dynamic percussionist Jacqueline Acevedo, dancer Olivia Bowman-Jackson, ice dancer Sarah France, and guitarists Brandon Ross and Thomas Flippin. Alicia explores contact with ice as an experience and along with it, some traditional notions of ice skating.


Cold On Skin: The Gothic Candescence of Alicia Hall Moran

Cold On Skin: The Gothic Candescence of Alicia Hall Moran, By Nala Duma, September 7, 2023

I had a feeling Alicia Hall Moran would beat me to the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

As I approach the famed literary haunt on 110th Street, Moran is already idling in the queue, which spills out onto the sidewalk. She’s fresh out of a pilates class, and I’ve arrived in some fast-fashion get-up. After a brief introduction, she suggests we ditch the sweaty pastry shop line for a low-lit pizza parlor next door.

Alicia Hall Moran is a studied mezzo-soprano of classical voice. In the rich course of her decades-spanning career, the singer and composer has performed on Broadway as part of the 2012 revival of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess; collaborated with a slew of preeminent Black talents, including Bill T. Jones, Carrie Mae Weems, and Simone Leigh; and created commissioned work for such institutions as MoMA, the Kitchen, and Art Basel Miami.
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All of it: Alicia Hall Moran Performs...On Ice!

All of It: Alicia Hall Moran Performs...On Ice!, By Alison Stewart, September 12, 2023

All Of It with Alison Stewart is a live daily conversation about culture and the culture in and around New York City. Mezzo-Soprano Alicia Hall Moran joins us to discuss her career and her latest show, "Cold Blooded," which combines Moran's vocal skills with figure skating! The two sets will be performed on ice at National Sawdust on September 15.
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In Autobiographical Show, Alicia Hall Moran Experiments with Song, Storytelling, and Ice-Skating

In Autobiographical Show, Alicia Hall Moran Experiments with Song, Storytelling, and Ice-Skating, by DONNA LEE DAVIDSON on September 20, 2023

“Experimentalism” can mean different things; it doesn’t have many rules, except that tradition must be eschewed. When mezzo-soprano, composer, and performance artist Alicia Hall Moran took the floor at National Sawdust on Sept. 15, she gave no indication of where we were going, or how we would get there. Her evening-length work COLDBLOODED, billed as an “indoor ice skating show,” was filled with wonderfully strange and unexpected transitions and invited a host of collaborators to experiment with ideas of genre, narrative, and storytelling...
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Alicia Hall Moran performing Breaking Ice, Photography by Charles Roussel for PROTOTYPE Festival
Photography by Charles Roussel for PROTOTYPE Festival


The Battle of the Carmens, an Alt-opera blending Bizet's Carmen with Olympic figure skating. In the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, two figure skaters representing America and East Germany battled for Olympic gold, both accompanied by music from "Carmen." Mezzo-soprano Alicia Hall Moran, herself a former figure skater, tells French composer Georges Bizet's epic story in "Breaking Ice," an all-out musical fantasy for the concert stage.

Video: Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens

Photography by Roxanne Leff
The Subtly Subversive Imagination of Alicia Hall Moran

The Subtly Subversive Imagination of Alicia Hall Moran

Barnard Magazine, by Camille A. Collins, Spring 2018

An appreciation of composer, choreographer, and mezzo-soprano Alicia Hall Moran '95 requires at least an elemental familiarity with the central character in Georges Bizet's opera Carmen. As Hall Moran says, Carmen is "one of the few characters" in the classical repertoire that "black culture has been written into." The motif of Carmen, the marginalized yet cunning cigarette girl from southern Spain, rises again and again in the imagination and oeuvre of Manhattan-based Hall Moran, a multi-genre artist whose performing and composing encompass opera, theatre, and jazz, and who made her Broadway debut in 2012 as Bess in the Tony Award–winning revival of The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess.
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Alica Hall Moran in New York Times

'Breaking Ice' Makes Music From a Classic Skating Rivalry


A singer's natural home is on the stage. But the vocalist and composer Alicia Hall Moran's newest piece lives on the rink. Ms. Hall Moran's undefinable "Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens" finds its inspiration in figure skating history, and the work will have its premiere in the midst of public skating sessions at Bryant Park on Jan. 11 and Riverbank State Park on Jan. 14, as part of the Prototype festival of new music theater.
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Alicia Hall Moran's Unbound Musical Modernism

Village Voice, By Larry Blumenfeld

At January's Prototype Festival, singer and composer Alicia Hall Moran laced up ice skates and took to the Bryant Park rink to perform. Her original piece, Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens, premiered during public skating sessions and included taiko drummer Kaoru Watanabe and jazz saxophonist Maria Grand in hockey penalty boxes. Its title referred to the 1988 Winter Olympics, where American figure skater Debi Thomas and a German, Katarina Witt, each skated programs to music from Bizet's classic opera Carmen.
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On Broken Ice With Alicia Hall Moran

ECM Reviews, By Tyran Grillo

On 11 January 2018, singer Alicia Hall Moran took to the Bank of America Winter Village Rink in New York City as part of the 2018 Prototype Festival to stage her latest vocal experience. Breaking Ice examines the mythology behind what came to be known as the "Battle of the Carmens," when skaters Katarina Witt and Debi Thomas coincidentally chose Bizet's Carmen as the music for their long routines at the 1988 Winter Olympics.
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Jazz and triple axels in new alt opera at Mass MoCA

The Berkshire Eagle, By Benjamin Cassidy

The story of two figure skaters in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics battling for the Olympic Gold has inspired mezzo-soprano and former figure skater Alicia Hall Moran to create an alt-opera, "Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens," which she's been working on with the New York jazz trio "Harriet Tubman," during a residency at Mass MoCA. The work-in-development will be performed Saturday in Mass MoCA's Hunter Center.
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NY1, By Stephanie Simon

The frigid cold didn't stop rehearsals for two daring outdoor performances by opera singer Alicia Hall Moran. In fact, the icy cold made perfect sense. NY1 Arts and culture reporter Stephanie Simon has the story.
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'Battle of the Carmens' workshop at National Sawdust, May 2016

Jessica Care Moore (Poet), photography by John Rogers
Jessica Care Moore (Poet), photography by John Rogers
Soprano, Martha Guth (singing the role of Michaela)<br>photography by John Rogers
Soprano, Martha Guth (singing the role of Michaela), photography by John Rogers
Alicia Hall Moran with film by Joseph P. Alvarado, photography by John Rogers
Alicia Hall Moran with film by Joseph P. Alvarado, photography by John Rogers